Any Shawnee County Child Can Eat Free

As the summer sun graces the skies, the Topeka Public Schools 2024 Summer Meal Program is once again stepping up to ensure that no child in Shawnee County goes hungry. The 2024 Summer Meal Program kicks off on Monday, June 3, providing a vital lifeline for families during the warmer months. Let’s delve into the details of this essential program.

Any child in Shawnee County under the age of 18 is eligible to participate in the Topeka Public Schools 2024 Summer Meal Program. Whether they attend public schools, private schools, or are homeschooled, every child is welcome. The program aims to reach as many families as possible, ensuring that no child faces food insecurity during the summer break. Meals are completely free of charge, Monday through Friday.

The Meal Program offers a nutritious array of meals to keep young minds and bodies fueled. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be available to keep kids full with healthy and balanced meals. The Summer Meal Program operates at various locations across the city. Families can pick up meals at convenient sites, making it accessible for everyone. The child does not need to be present during meal pickup. Parents or guardians can collect meals on behalf of their children.

As we embrace the warmth of summer, let’s also embrace our responsibility to nourish the young hearts and minds of our community. The Topeka Public Schools 2024 Summer Meal Program exemplifies compassion, equity, and the unwavering commitment to our children’s well-being.