“Animal Superpowers”, an interactive feature made entirely from Legos, coming to the Topeka Zoo in April

The Topeka Zoo invites you to enjoy a real-world superhero story at Animal Superpowers!
Featuring awe-inspiring sculptures made from LEGO® bricks, presented by Giant
Communications. This traveling exhibition from artist Sean Kenney displays creatures who have
evolved to possess their very own “superpowers,” and everyone is invited to learn the science
behind them.

Opening April 20, zoo guests will be able to enjoy the artist’s work displayed throughout the
zoo. There is no additional cost to enjoy Animal Superpowers when you purchase a general
admission ticket. Animal Superpowers is free to Topeka Zoo Members when they show their
Topeka Zoo Membership card.

This exhibition explores the evolutionary, biological, and environmental reasons for these
adaptations and provides an entertaining platform through which visitors of all ages can
appreciate the wonders of our natural world.

Full of STEAM content that is ready to be downloaded by parents and educators alike,
Animal Superpowers will have you leaping several buildings in a single bound to get to the
Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center.

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