Teacher Whose ‘Love Language’ Is Language Arts Wins Crystal Apple Award

Crystal Apple Award Main Picture
Crystal Apple Cover Photo

Love is in the air and over at Seaman Middle School there is a teacher who exemplifies her love for students which makes her our latest Crystal Apple Award Winner!

Meet Audra Steiner who is an 8th grade Language Arts teacher and Yearbook Sponsor and outside of handling her everyday duties she has a BIG caring heart for her students daily.

According to Karen Lee who works across the hall from from her wrote us a letter telling us about the AMAZING work Audra has done which made her the perfect teacher to nominate.

Here’s a excerpt of her nomination letter:

Audra Steiner is beyond a perfect choice to nominate for this award. She would wow you at everything she truly does. Mrs. Steiner does not just carry the roll of a teacher and sponsor, she carries such a huge caring heart for each and every one of her students. She is there for each one beyond 100%. She also definitely reflects her lessons, expectations, and positive mindset into her students. She designs lessons that are the best for her students to grow and learn. In addition to caring about her students, she cares deeply about her colleagues. For her academic team, Mrs. Steiner is a positive team leader always striving for supporting other teachers, who in turn, support many of the same students like family.

For the outstanding work Mrs. Steiner has done for Seaman Middle School she will receive the following

  • Crystal Apple Award with her name on it
  • A prize package from Prairie Band Casino and Resort.
  • Also, Seaman Middle School is in the running for a $1,000 donation when will be given away in January 2025.

If you know a teacher, principal, office administrator or coach deserving of the Crystal Apple Award please send us am email at [email protected]