Play and Win with Majic 107.7

Do you love games and prizes? If so, you might want to tune in every weekday afternoon around 3:05pm to play “What Are There More of in the World?” You can win your own copy of Wheels vs Doors, plus a $50 gift card to Walmart!

“What Are There More of in the World?” is a simple game that tests your general knowledge and luck. The first caller after the cue to call will be asked what they think there is more of in the world between two random things. For example, the host might ask: “Are there more wheels or more doors in the world?” If the caller gets three out of five correct answers, they win!

Have fun and enjoy the game. Even if you don’t win, you can still have a good time listening to the radio and learning some interesting facts!

More about Wheels vs. Doors can be found here.

Here a quick How-To-Play video: 

Can be purchased in-store at select Walmart locations, online at and our DTC webstore: