Topeka Zoo Giraffe & Friends Grand Opening

Image provided by the Topeka Zoo

On March 10th, the Topeka Zoo will open the largest habitat in it’s history! Giraffe & Friends is the year round home to the Reticulated Giraffe, Lesser Kudu, Ostrich, Grey Crowned Crane, and Thompson’s Gazelle! This new habitat goes hand in hand with Camp Cowabunga, which opened in 2018.

Joining the Giraffes will be three antelope!

Monty the Bontebok and two Thomson’s Gazelles, Tsavo and Haraka, are currently in quarantine and preparing for introduction to their new habitat. They will be joining resident giraffe, Sergeant Peppers, Hope, and Liz, as well as Karen the ostrich who arrived in early February.

The residents of Giraffe & Friends will be introduced to their new habitat in waves. This acclimation process is taking into account both the Kansas weather, and the specific needs of each animal and species.

The Topeka Zoo plans on bringing new and exciting features as part of it’s Master Plan, while maintaining it’s foundation as a conservation-based, educational destination for families in the community!

Giraffe & Friends will be an immersive experience for families with feeding opportunities both inside and outside! It features a giant giraffe playroom and a three-acre savannah habitat.

Check out the Topeka Zoo’s newest experience starting March 10th!