If You Have This Kansas Coin In Your Pocket It Could Be Worth Money

If you have loose change or coins in a piggy bank you might want to break it open and look for this uncommon quarter that could be worth money!

According to Spruce Crafts, the 2005-P Kansas state quarter has a spelling error printed on the front where it says “In God We Trust.”  However, the “T” in “TRUST” is missing so it says “In God We Rust.”

Now while this may seem comical, errors like this happen all the time as all mechanical devices, a coin press needs lubrication to keep other parts from causing damage to one another which caused the “T” to not fully transfer on the coin.

Now if you have this type of coin in your possession you could be in luck as it is valued at up to $15, $30, even $100 depending on the condition of the coin as on eBay some error quarters were being sold for over $50 dollars.

There’s no time to waste so start searching between your couch your pants pocket because you could possibly have an error coin and if you do make sure you show us on our Facebook page!