Kansas uses more fireworks than almost any other state


Fourth Of July is coming up, and for most Americans, that means a day spent with food, family, and fireworks. Americans will eat an estimated 155 million hot dogs set off around 30,000 tons of explosives on Independence Day. However, no matter how good the grill master is, let’s be real: The star of the day is the fireworks and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Some states will put on far bigger spectacles than others. The 10 states that put up the most explosions in the sky include Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota, Nevada, Wyoming, South Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, and then our neighbors Missouri and Nebraska are the only states that come in above Kansas.

To determine that states with high amounts of fireworks activity Zippia used population numbers from the US Census. From there, they determined the states with the most firework spending per capita.