When Will You Be Ready To Go To A Concert Or Sporting Event?

If you are like me, you have missed going to hockey games and concerts. Since the pandemic hit, sports and concerts have been affected in a major way. The big question is: will people come back once the doors open for sporting events and concerts?

Earlier this month Reuters and Ipsos asked nearly 4500 Americans if they would be willing to return to normal activities after restrictions were lifted, only four out of ten said they would.

40 percent said they would wait until a vaccine was created which signals a slow return to sports and live events since a vaccine could take more than a year to be created and tested.

The music industry and sports world is trying to map out a plan to return possibly without audiences and instead livestream events. 59 percent of those polled believe that a streaming option would be a good idea.

We can hope that a solution can be found soon so everyone can feel safe when they go to a building. PLEASE support your local places when things get back to a somewhat normal. The Stormont Vail Event Center has some great things coming later this year. College and high school sports hopefully will be played in the fall. Most importantly, be safe!


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