“Lamp Man” Involved In Hit And Run Accident


When I moved to Topeka, everyone kept talking about a man who was known as “Lamp Man”. He is known for dancing on the street of Topeka, sometimes with a lamp. If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is a video, courtesy of Woodsie TV on You Tube .

His real name is Ricky Hite. And now there is some sad news to report. According to CJonline.comhe was involved in a hit and run accident last weekend. The article states that he was struck by a sports utility vehicle that was white in color and left the scene after it happened. It took place near 21st and California Avenue.

He was then taken to the hospital with what officials at the hospital are saying could make him have a long time to recover from. There is also a Facebook page called Topeka Police Scanner which had an article about Hite. According to this article, he has since retired from the dancing.

If you have any info please call Topeka Crime Stoppers  at 234-0007. We all hope that Ricky has a quick recovery and they find whoever did this to him!


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