And, The Happiest Cities in Kansas Are…

In order to determine where people in America are most content with their lives, WalletHub compared more than 180 of the largest U.S. cities across 28 key indicators of happiness. The dataset ranges from depression rate to income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day. Wichita, Kansas ranked number 129. Overland Park came it at number 15. And our neighbors over in KC, MO came in at 97. Lincoln and Omaha also ranked high on the list. To view the full report and your city’s rank, please visit:


Source: WalletHub


Top 20 Happiest Cities in America
1 Fremont, CA 11 Madison, WI
2 Bismarck, ND 12 Columbia, MD
3 San Jose, CA 13 San Francisco, CA
4 Pearl City, HI 14 Scottsdale, AZ
5 Plano, TX 15 Overland Park, KS
6 Fargo, ND 16 Santa Clarita, CA
7 Sioux Falls, SD 17 Glendale, CA
8 Irvine, CA 18 Oakland, CA
9 Huntington Beach, CA 19 St. Paul, MN
10 Grand Prairie, TX 20 Gilbert, AZ