Gain New Customers for Your Business

Is your business doing okay but could do better? Want to expand your customer base? Want to showcase your product or service? Let Topeka Sweet Deals do the work for you.

Radio uses a powerful combination of tools on-air and online so that we get your business in front of a variety of potential customers.

Sweet Deals works by telling over 140,000 listeners about your business.

Sweet Deals is a complete program that includes radio ads, DJ promotions, online support,

on-air interview, and digital and social media elements all without any cash out of pocket.

Sweet Deals work for a variety of businesses like restaurants, stores, shops, camps, salons, attractions, entertainment and more!

Our 140,000 listeners are waiting to become your new client!

Contact Nic Merenda today at 785-270-0801 or by email at to learn more about our Sweet Deals program.

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