Here Is A Way Uber And Lyft Drivers In Topeka Can Boost Profits


If you are an Uber or Lyft driver in Topeka, this could be a way to make some extra tip money.

George Ure, an Uber driver in Seattle came up with a way to help make his riders experience a pleasant one by coming up with a menu where customers can choose their “ride type.” Ure ride menu consists of “The Silent Ride,” “The Therapy Ride,” and “The Stand Up [Ride].”  Luis Arguijo shared the ride menu on social media when he rode with Ure and it quickly went viral, receiving over a half a million likes and over 120,000 retweets.

Customers can choose from “The Silent Ride,” which is exactly what it sounds like. “The Therapy Ride” allows riders to share their problems with Ure and he’ll give his best advice. “The Stand Up [Ride]” is Ure giving riders his best jokes and stories. Ure said the top rides are “The Silent Ride” and “The Stand Up [Ride]” but he prefers to share stories about his “ridiculous life.” “From being a skydiver…and working in HIV research…and getting my exes tattooed on me — more than once — there’s so much material. Where do I start,” he said.

I am a huge fan of Uber and Lyft and hope that this will give you some ideas for your next trip.


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