Why Do People Like Myself In Topeka Keep Setting The Same Goals?



It’s the new year and I set for myself a few goals for 2019. The problem is it’s the same goals that I set last year. Which means I failed at reaching what I wanted for my goal last year. Why is that?

There have been studies done that say our brains are trained to be optimistic. That optimism makes us become more competitive, challenging and believe in ourselves. But, that same study also talks about how we take our confidence and let it get the best of us. And that translates to low expectations of ourselves and then we don’t reach our goal.

Do you want to reach your goals? Here are a few ways you can help yourself in 2019:

  1. DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL!!: When we do, that is a way to learn from our mistakes and then we come up with a way that will work.
  2. IF YOU ARE GOING TO SET A GOAL, AVOID THE WORD DON’T: It is so much easier to attain goals that involve you doing something. Like “I will workout more at Colaw Fitness” or I will buy more fruits and vegetables.
  3. HAVE AN “IF/THEN PLAN”: Let’s say you have a bad day. Instead of going to the store to buy a gallon of ice cream, go take a walk around Lake Shawnee or Facebook message a friend.

If you set a goal that is small, and realistic, the odds are in your favor of achieving them. I am going to take these tips and use them myself to reach my goals, and I hope you do the same.


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