Camelot & Camelittle: Topeka Civic Theatre’s spin on the Knights of the Round Table

Prepare to be enchanted by Camelot & Camelittle! Join Ruth in this play as she makes the journey to start her own queendom to show up King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot, while stumbling upon a fantastic cast of friends and foes alike. This delightful production promises to transport audiences of all ages to a land where chivalry, magic, and pint-sized heroes collide. 

Experience the magic from February 16th – 25th with reservations available now. Take your seat at the Round Table and enjoy the show! 

Venue: Topeka Civic Theatre
Founded in 1936, Topeka Civic Theatre is the oldest continuously running community dinner theatre in the country. In July of 1999, TCT completed construction on our new home in the former Gage Elementary School. The school was built around 1929 and is rich in architecture and design.
3028 SW 8th Ave Topeka
Topeka, KS 66606
Phone: 7853575211
Hours: Tues - Fri | 10am-6pm