Win Dad’s Weight in Meat with the KS Lottery

Are you ready to tip the scales in favor of flavor and fortune? It’s time to put pen to paper and let us know why your dad is the top sirloin of fathers.

Craft a heartfelt letter to our very own Amber Lee at [email protected], detailing why your dad deserves to win his weight in meat. Is he the grill master of the neighborhood? Does he have a steak in your heart? We want to hear what makes your dad the prime choice for this meaty prize. The most touching, creative, and genuine letters will catch Amber Lee’s eye. So, channel your inner wordsmith and let the tender tales flow.

Each weekday we’ll read two nomination letters on-air and the winners will receive a $30 Pharaoh’s Family 2024 Bonus Cash lottery voucher, adding a dash of luck to your family’s future.

The grand prize winner will receive $100 in Pharaoh’s Family 2024 Bonus Cash lottery vouchers and take home a whopping $250 for “Dad’s Weight in Meat.” That’s right – if your dad’s a heavyweight of love, he could be a heavyweight of meat, too!

Don’t let this opportunity sizzle away! Get your entries in before the grill cools down. The contest runs from May 31st to June 13th, 2024.

So, sharpen those pencils and heat up those grills – it’s time to write your way to a meaty jackpot. Good luck to all, and may the best dad win!