A Shining Example: 2nd Grade Indian Hills Teacher Recognized with the Crystal Apple Award

Crystal Apple Award Cover Art

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Nicole Vaughn, an inspiring 2nd-grade teacher at Indian Hills Elementary in Topeka. Mrs. Vaughn embraces the vibrant world of second graders, guiding their curiosity, fostering a love for learning, and nurturing their curious minds. This dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed, as attested by Naseem Bahari and her daughter Scarlett Johnson, a student in Mrs. Vaughn’s class.

Photo Credit: Nicole Vaughn

Scarlett warmly describes Mrs. Vaughn as kind and incredibly supportive during class time, a sentiment that speaks volumes about Mrs. Vaughn’s impact on her students.

Here’s a glimpse of Scarlett’s heartfelt nomination letter.

If you’re having a bad day or you’re feeling sad she will make you feel better. If she doesn’t make you feel better she lets you take your time at the peace corner or when someone is really sad she lets them go see Piper and Mrs. Mick. She’s really good at math and when we are good she passes out candy. When we are being crazy and stressing her out, she takes a deep breath and puts her hand up and then lets her breath out and hand down. So she’s always nice and calm. I think Mrs. Vaughn should get the apple award because she’s just the best.

Because of Naseem and Scarlett’s nomination letter Mrs. Vaugh will receive the following:

  • A Crystal Apple with her name on it
  • A Prize Package from Prairie Band Casino and Resort
  • Also, Indian Hills Elementary is now in the running for a $1,000 donation which will be given away in January 2025.

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