Harvesters & Philabundance are Huddling to End Hunger

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will face off in the Big Game this Sunday, and the battle lines have already been formed. However, there are two local organizations from Kansas and Philadelphia that are engaged in friendly rivalry for charitable purposes.

Since both cities have high rates of hunger and rising food prices, the Harvesters – Community Food Network and Philabundance are competing in the Huddle to End Hunger Campaign and #TopCity Harvesters need YOUR help!

Here’s the obstacle: Which food bank, Philabundance or Harvesters, can raise more money by Sunday, February 12, at midnight, when the winner of the Super Bowl will be revealed. Due to rising food prices and the high incidence of hunger in both cities, your support is more important than ever.

The winning food bank will give some of its branded apparel, including caps and t-shirts that its CEO will have to wear, to the losing food bank. This money will be used to benefit local citizens who are experiencing food insecurity.

For more details about the Huddle to End Hunger Challenge click here.