Teamwork and Dedication Describes Our Crystal Apple Award Winner For The Month of March

Our Crystal Apple Award winner for the month of March knows exactly how to draw up the right play when dealing with tragedy and turning it into triumph.

Meet Coach Kevin Muff of Washburn Rural High School. He is described as a great man who takes on the position of teacher/coach with 110% effort. He teaches discipline, respect, and faith by leading as an example.

Kevin was nominated by his student Ford Brandt who had nothing, but great things to say about him.

He is an excellent teacher and coach, as well as a great mentor. By taking on numerous roles throughout the school he is able to touch a lot of teens’ lives. I say this from a personal account as he has been with me all 4 years of high school and we have built a great bond. Through my dad passing he comforted me and soon after his mom passed so we were sort of able to understand and connect through that. My mom was even enthralled with the impact he’s had with teaching both her and I over the laws supporting our country. All in all he is a great candidate for this award and we believe he deserves it greatly. 

Because of Coach Muff’s contribution to his student Ford, Washburn Rural High School and his community it was a unanimous decision that he should be recognized as our Crystal Apple Award for the month of March where he will receive the following.

Also, Washburn Rural High School has qualified to receive our Grand Prize of $1,000 at the end of the year.

#TopCity and surrounding areas help me salute our March Crystal Apple Award winner Coach Muff from Washburn Rural High School for a job well done!

If you know a teacher, coach, school administrator or office worker that deserves the Crystal Apple Award you can send us an email at [email protected]

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