Monarch Exhibit Coming To Topeka Zoo

It is back to school time! 

Teachers from all over the Capitol City are preparing for another great school year preparing our young scholars for the future; the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center is offering a new class that brings insects and the great outdoors together. 

The Monarch Butterfly Exhibition is a fun interactive class will be taking place at the Kansas Museum of History Monday – Friday September 15th – 29th.                              

This two-hour class will take place indoors and outdoors as students get up close and personal to learn about the monarch butterflies, their importance, and even get an opportunity to grab their nets to catch, tag, and release them. 

The Monarch Butterfly is a beautiful species, but per the Topeka Zoo the population has been on the decline for the past two decades by nearly 90 percent and as we prepare for the fall season, they’re making their way to Topeka during the final two weeks in September. 

For the minimal price of $5, students from grades K-12 can participate and each class is limited to one grade level per school. 

If you are interested in taking your class or want more information you can call the Topeka Zoo at 785-368-9137.