For some people waking up in the morning can be hard. The last thing you want to think about is eating. A TV doctor says not only is that OK, but people should not cram breakfast down our throats.

Dr. Oz is making a claim that has people shook! The television doctor and friend to Oprah is encouraging us to “cancel breakfast,” which he is promoting with a hashtag.

When asked about 2020 health trends Dr. Oz replied, “I think for 2020, one of the first things that I’m going to do is ban breakfast.”

Dr. Oz called the need to eat breakfast an “advertising ploy.” Dr. Oz recommends to “Have your first meal when you’re actually hungry — which if you’re intermittent fasting and you haven’t had a late dinner, it won’t happen until midway through the morning.”

The take away from Dr. Oz’s message is that the timing of breakfast is just as important as what you eat. Moving your breakfast back a couple of hours and eating oatmeal and healthy fats are best for your health.

Do you agree with Dr. Oz? Do you skip breakfast?


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