Spangles Introduces…Margaritas & Screwdrivers

The local Wichita chain is adding 99-cent margaritas with tequila and Screwdriver slushes with vodka to its menu on Friday at its restaurant near 21st and Woodlawn and all additional locations to come soon.

“We’re doing one store at a time.”  Dale Steven said, who co-owns Spangles with his brother, Craig. Dale Steven commented that he prides himself on being first when it comes to innovation in the food business. Spangles is known for its Orange juice slush, so we think the addition of the Screwdriver slush will also be a home run. Steven says the drinks will be served all day, every day in a heavy-duty glass mug. Sorry, no drive thru!

When asked if this will eventually make its way to Topeka, Lacy Williams, Director of Marketing for Spangles, said, “It sure will! (We are) Anticipating it to be after the first of the year.”


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