This Has Been Making Sean Cry All Week

As many of you know, I am almost a year now into my new life in a new state. Kansas has been a wonderful state and Topeka has been a wonderful place to live. It was not easy for me to move, knowing that the two most important people in my life are going to be further away. Yet, both of my daughters, Isabelle and Natalie have been so supportive and have enjoyed coming out to see me. I haven’t been a blubbering fool with all of this till the beginning of this week.


Natalie, who is pictured above, is going to be graduating from high school in Morton, Illinois this weekend. What has made me cry is how amazing of a person she has become. I already knew that she had my sense of humor and my knack for talking to anyone who is a stranger. What impresses me most is how she never quits. When the going gets tough, she just rolls right thru things. In fact, she did not miss a single day of school all thru high school. Sickness, getting home late from an Ed Sheeran in St. Louis, or just not feeling like going to class just because, she knew that school was important.


Then there is her personality. I have never had a single person tell me that she is disrespectful, or rude to anyone who is older. I always taught her that if you respect people who are older, you will be a better person because they will respect you and it goes a long way. Her smile is genuine and so is her heart. That is why she is going to college to become a nurse. She is a caring person who wants to help anyone.


So Natalie, I am so proud of you. Watching you as a little child growing up to be the amazing young woman you are has made me feel I, along with your mom (who should get a medal of honor for the way she brought up both of my kids) are excited to see what great things you are going to accomplish. Life will not be easy, but remember that everyday you wake up, it is another day to be thankful that you are here. I love you (and your sister) and will be excited to see you walk on stage. And with her last name, they will save the best for last!!


If you are a mom, dad or relative of a child who is graduating high school or college, I hope that you are feeling the same way. If you have to travel anywhere, please be safe.


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