Could This Be The Song Of The Summer?

As if you didn’t know, I am a huge St. Louis Blues fan. I have worked for their triple-A affiliate in Peoria and have been to many games in St. Louis. I wish I really owned that jersey that is pictured above, but it was a friend’s so I borrowed it for the night. Then of course, I recently was gifted (Thank you Kristi) a pair of St. Louis Blues socks that you can see below.

The Blues are like many teams in professional sports. They have never one “The Big One”. It has been the 60’s since they have advanced all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. This year, it has a different feeling. It could be because of a song called “Gloria” by Laura Branigan. It has become the theme song of the team after they win a game. It is also a song my wonderful co-host Angie Stevens has to sing one day soon on the corner of 9th and Kansas after she lost a bet to me. So, is that the song of the summer?

The answer is NO! Since the Blues are playing the San Jose Sharks, I, along with fellow co-worker and super Blues fan Ethan Jackson, decided to do our own take on a viral song that is a huge hit with the kids. That song would be “Baby Shark”. If you are not familiar with it, here is the song and video.

Sharks are bad for myself and Ethan. Don’t get me wrong, the song is cute and very catchy. But as Blues fans, how can we not have some fun with this. So, here is what we hope is the song of the Summer!!



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