Could A Plant Found In Topeka Be Good For Your Health?

There are many things that can be healthy to eat. Are plants one of them? Well, this is not considered a plant, but something you can surely find in Topeka front yards during the Spring and Summer.

According to a study conducted by Jennifer Di Noia, a nutrition expert from William Paterson University, dandelion greens come in at number 16 on a list of 41 nutritious foods, beating out both broccoli and kale.

Jo Robinson reveals in her book, Eating on the Wild Side, that dandelions are even better than spinach, containing, “eight times more antioxidants, two times more calcium, three times more Vitamin A, and five times more vitamin K and vitamin E.” Now before you go picking them out of the grass and throwing into your salad, make sure they haven’t been covered in chemicals in an effort to stop their spread.

Turns out, the bane of every homeowner’s perfectly manicured lawn is one of the healthiest foods you could eat. So before you grab the bottle of weed killer, keep that in mind.

Here is the link to the story found on the Voice of America website.