Could Travel Agent Parties Come To Topeka?

Many people now turn to the internet for booking trips,including airfare and hotels. That has put the travel agency industry in a pinch. Now there is a new way that they are fighting back, and it is a good one.

Parties have become a way to get people together locally and talk about travel deals and trends. Some of the travel parties are charity-based. Others are elaborate cocktail settings. The agents, some who now prefer to be called travel advisers or designers, bring in hotel, airline and cruise experts to answer questions about dream trips.

Unlike booking a trip online, these gatherings give consumers that one-on-one connection to a person who will take care of their travel plans. This has been lost since more and more people are turning to websites like Expedia and Travelocity among others to book a trip. This seems like a great idea and will hope that it catches on here in Topeka.


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