Gas Prices Keep Going Down

If you are noticing that gas prices are still low, you are not seeing things. Gas prices are still below $2.00 and hopefully it will stay that way for a while.

Where is the cheapest gas in Topeka? That honor goes to Larry’s Shortstop The price of a gallon of gas is $1.79. The next cheapest place to find gas is at Woody’s Gas Express, located at 101 NE US-24 and N Kansas Ave, as they are selling it for $1.81 a gallon.

Prices are then ranging anywhere between $1.86 and $2.02 a gallon. That is much cheaper than in Las Vegas. When I was there over the weekend, gas was anywhere between $2.59 and almost $3.00

If you ever want to know gas prices to the hour, you can go to Gas Buddy That is where I got the numbers for this article lol.


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