My Campus Comforts

Do you have a recent high school grad packing up their childhood room and nervously but excitedly readying themselves for campus life? Although I can do nothing for your heart, dear parent, grandparent, adoring aunt or uncle, Delilah help you send your newly minted college student off with a few creature comforts.

My Campus Comforts Sweepstakes bundle will include:

  • A set of the softest sheets available! PeachSkinSheets keeping even the hottest sleepers comfortable all night long.
  • A $100 Gift Card from The Company Store! Use it on bedding or bath needs, a backpack or tote, a desk lamp or other accessories. If it’s needed, chances are The Company Store will have it!
  • Late nights, chilly afternoons, or early morning study sessions will be so much more comfortable with toes tucked to the perfect study or lounging companion, the PediPocket!
  • I’m including three great CD’s too:
  • I’m also tucking in three books:
  • Annnnd… Rich, buttery, Almond ROCA candy will satisfy any sweet-tooth craving! Brown & Haley also make some of the most delicious hot chocolate perfect for sipping on those fall days when the temperature is dipping and the test prep is heating up! And if that’s not enough, Jolly Time Popcorn is just the ticket after the cafeteria has closed.

Delilah’a heart is touched each year at this time as she watch parents, full of pride and apprehension, send their babies out into the world to follow their own paths.

Hopefully Delilah’s Campus Comforts Sweepstakes bundle will help in some small, but comforting, way!
Enter before August 23, 2019

Write her a note ( and tell all about this special person that will soon be navigating a strange town, meeting new friends, doing their own laundry,
and rising to the challenge of college curricula.

An entry will be chosen at random, and sent back My Campus Comfort bundle!

Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address!


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