How To Make Sure You Are Being Hygienic At Work

Did you know that your office is full of bacteria. In fact, there is 400 more times bacteria at your desk than on the average toilet seat. YUCK!!

If you are a guy at who has a desk at work, you have up to four times more bacteria at your desk than your fellow female co workers.

This can all be found at the Daily Mail.  So, do you want to keep healthy and clean at work? Here are some tips that could lead you to less sick days at work.


  1. Keep your phones clean: You tend to use wipes on your keyboard and your mouse, but a lot of us forget to wipe off the phone receiver and the numbers on the unit. Very important if the room is dusty and other people share your computer.
  2. Stay away from the paper: This may seem crazy, but bacteria can live on pieces of papers and reusable paper cups. Of course, with most things online, they are prone to other viruses of a different type.
  3. Don’t chew on your pen: This nervous habit can cause you to be sick if you don’t use proper hygiene after bathroom use or your desk is really dirty.

Try to follow these rules and maybe you can get more work done and save your time off for better things like a vacation to the beach.



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