2018 Most Dangerous Summer Toys for Kids

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This years most dangerous list of kids toys for summer has come out. Summer is a time for fun but also safety should be most important. Toysafety.org has compiled a list of toys to watch out for this summer while your kids play:

1. Water-balloon slingshots

These pose a risk to children due to the possibility of eye injuries and small-part hazards. Additionally, the risk of sustaining injuries from falls is heightened.

2. Lawn darts

Lawn darts pose a high risk for blunt impact injuries.

3. Low-riding wheeled vehicles

Toys like “big wheels” and tricycles pose a safety threat to children, especially around roads and driveways, because they are difficult for cars to see.

4. Pools

Pools not only pose drowning risks to children, the areas surrounding pools pose the risk of injuries due to slipping. Parents should always warn children against running around pool areas.

5. All terrain vehicles (ATV’s) 

Children should not drive ATVs and should only ride them when accompanied by a responsible adult while wearing a helmet. ATVs post a serious crushing risk for children as well as the risk for broken bones and blunt force trauma.

6. Toys with small parts

Many summer time toys come with small parts. These should be kept away from small children as they are choking hazards.

7. Baby pools, garden buckets, and pool covers 

Items that only hold a small amount of water are often overlooked as safety hazards. But small children can potentially drown if not properly supervised.

8. Backyard water slides

At-home water slides run the risk of broken bones, neck injuries, and even paralysis.

9. Water and projectile guns

While harmless if used in the right way, water and small projectile guns run the risk of eye injuries when used improperly.

10. Bounce castles and trampolines

Bounce houses and trampolines run the risk of broken bones, concussions, and even death.

Please make sure your kids have a SAFE summer!


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