Why Women Cry More Than Men…

Women Crying – Pixabay


There is a reason women cry more than men. Scientists say women have smaller tear ducts than men. Women’s hormones also play a part in crying. Even when men and women have emotional reactions to something, the tear ducts in men are larger therefore, the tears stay put and eventually drain away. Hormones also affect tear production. The fact men have more testosterone is another reason men don’t cry as much or as quickly as women. Men do tend to cry more as they get older.

Men learn from childhood that it is not manly to cry and more suitable for girls and women to cry. People try to hold back tears in alot of situations. John Tesh recommends if you want to try to keep from crying, try clearing your throat with an “ahem”. This can help stop the mechanism in your nose and throat that controls crying. What techniques do YOU use to help keep tears from flowing?


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