Favorite Junk Food…

National Eat What You Want Day – Pixabay


It’s National Eat What You Want Day! A new survey says eating lots of pasta, rice or potatoes can help you LOSE weight. They are very filling and would make you less likely to crave and snack on junk food. Therefore, consuming less calories in all. Still, we can’t help or always ignore our craving for our fave junk food. If you could have ANY of your favorite junk food each day without consequences, what would you have?

Top 10 answers:

1.  Pizza

2.  Burgers

3.  Ice cream

4.  Mexican food

5.  Chocolate

6.  Carb-heavy stuff, like pasta or bread

7.  French fries

8.  Donuts

9.  Cake

10.  Chips


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