The Timber Wolf is BACK!

Photo Credit:  Worlds of Fun


Worlds of Fun gives you and your family the experience of the life time with more than 10 rides of your choosing, but has a feature that is new and exciting for you to encounter. The first ever Worlds of Fun wooden roller coaster…The Timber Wolf, is coming back into action with one main attribute which will have you twisting in your seat. The new banked turn at the end of the ride has been three years in the making and is finally ready to ride. This high speed over turn is banked at 70 degrees and will give you all the more thrill while spending quality time at Worlds of Fun. Whether it is looking for something to do on the weekend, wanting to vacation during the week or just looking forward to some great time with the family — Worlds of Fun is the place to go for the adults romance or the children’s delight. If you are a regular attendee, take advantage of the Gold Pass Worlds of Fun has to offer. This offer pays for itself in less than 2 visits which means you will get the best bang for your buck while having a blast at Worlds of Fun. Furthermore, the Gold Pass awards you the convenience of early park access, free parking and exclusive discounts along with many more.  An evening full of roller coaster rides is always a day of fun so come and check out the Timber Wolf’s new feature along with many other thrilling rides.

Join us Friday, May 25th, as we ride the new Timberwolf with you!


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